My name is Gunther Wegner. I’m a passionate photographer, time lapse producer, video maker and Book author.

I started with photography round about 20 years ago – with age of 15. Born and grown up in Brazil I have always had a great affinity to the nature and culture of the southamerican countries. My main photographic objective is to capture and present the beauty of nature and to demonstrate the urgent need for its conservation. I only shoot in the wild, never in zoos oder botanical gardens.

Since three years I am blending all my activities together on my website and blog gwegner.de: my experience as traveller, photographer and writer as well as my skills in photography and image processing – thus creating a platform for like-minded people.

In 2010 I began with time lapse photography and even wrote an application for professional time lapse editing (LRTimelapse) and a very successful EBook about that topic. Please check out the site http://lrtimelapse.com (english) for more information.

My Gear

Currently I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D5100 along with a couple of lenses. Besides this I mostly carry a pocket-sized Lumix with me – for the occasional shoots and for shooting in dangerous places.

My processing and archiving workflow is fully based on Adobe Lightroom. I do most of my image editing in Lightroom and frequently publish best practices concerning Lightroom on my blog as well.

My opinion…

I’m convinced, that one of the principle goal everyone should have today is to conserve the environment we live into. The subjects of our desires and dreams, our screen savers and calendars – the subjects of the photographs we are all dreaming about are vanishing all over the world with every passing day. The responsibility is ours.

In every journey I do, I experience the effects of human exploitation right beneath the beauty of the nature, that still exists. For example our journey to the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil made me very sad and lead to the production of a short movie called “Amazonia – sad developments” (also available in German: Amazonas – Traurige Entwicklungen) with the goal to wake up people – especially in the developed countries, that is us!

Please don’t hesitate and have a look at my galleries. Especially the Brazil gallery, the Venezuela gallery and the Costa Rica gallery will give you good impressions of those countries.


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