Amazonia – sad developments

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The largest forest on our planet, with the size of Western Europe.
The biggest river on earth, with 1/5 of all fresh water.
Home to 1/4 of all living species –
5-10 million types of plants and animals

This treasure is being destroyed!

Monocultures replace the former diversity of 10 million species.
The principle reason for the exploitation of the Amazon area is the world-wide demand for cheap meat and soya – the latter is primarily used for animal fodder.

Without a radical reversal, between 20% and 50% of this area will be destroyed within the next 20 years. Forecasts predict that the present development is not only destroying a unique, irreplacable natural paradise but will also seriously impact our global climate.
The clearing and burning of the forests today already releases up to 400 million tons of carbon dioxide per year and accounts for 80% of the greenhouse gases produced by Brazil. In contrast, each hectare of virgin rainforest absorbs between 90 and 545 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the athmosphere and generates vitally important oxygen.

Scientists claim that there is no cheaper way to reduce the world-wide CO2 emissions than preventing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

After all the Amazon accounts for 70% of the world’s rainforests.

“Amazonia – sad developments” is part of the travel-report “Brazil – highlights of the north”, currently ony available in german on Thus the report itself is not translated yet, you can find great photography and more movies there as well.

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