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Dear visitor, the following shall give you a brief overview
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Please watch the english version of Amazonia – sad developments in HD! You can find it on YouTube as well.
This is a movie I made of the pictures and impressions we got whilst travelling the amazonian area. Researches afterwards confirmed what we’ve already been expecting: the exploitation of Amazonia is more serious than we all know or expect. So please have a look and tell your friends. We all are contributing to this sad development. Thus we are also able to prevent it.

Please also have a look at my other movies – mostly focusing on the beauty of southamericas nature.

Travel reports

The travel reports “Highlights of northern Brazil” which is also available as a book, and “Backpacking through Venezuela” unfortunately currently are only available in German.
I’ve been hesitating very long to publish links to automatically translated pages, because they are really horrible. But if you really can’t resist (or want to get a good laugh), here you go:

BTW: If someone of you would like to help me translate one or the other page, I wouldn’t refuse it :-)


Fortunately the images speak for themselves – even without translated captions…
So please don’t hesitate and have a look at my galleries.
Especially the Brazil gallery, the Venezuela gallery and the Costa Rica gallery contain impressive photography and wil give you good impressions of those countries.

Time lapse movies

If you are interested in time lapse photography, please have a look at my tool LRTimelapse (english page) – it allows you to make impressive and flexible time lapse movies with Adobe Lightroom. You can download the required Lightroom templates for different movie resolutions and frame rates there as well. Additionally you will find a lot of information in the LRTimelapse forum as well.

You can get much more content on the german site. Please have a look!

Kind regards,
Gunther Wegner

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  1. sid 23. Januar 2012, 09:06   »

    Greetings from maldives, A country of 2000 small islands, I am looking for friends who love birds and fish.

  2. Thomas 28. Dezember 2011, 02:49   »

    Hi. I am interested in using your tool LRTimelapse. Could you advise whether can your tool:

    (1) With with Adobe Bridge, CS5 extended and Adobe Camera Raw Editor? I do not have Adobe Lightroom.

    (2) Do you have a video tutorial showing how to make Ken-Burns effects (pan/zoom) on a timelapse movie? I saw a few of your amazing timelapse that has a panning or/and zoom effect. I wanted to use your tool to do that. Can you show me please?

    • gwegner 28. Dezember 2011, 08:54   »

      Hi Thomas, I recommend that you check for english information and tutorials. There is a forum as well where you can find a bunch of useful information and post any questions.

      1.) Yes, LRTimelapse works fine with Bridge / CS5 Extende and ACR -> There is some information in the forum and a workflow tutorial.

      2.) Ken burns is pretty easy to do. Crop the first image in ACR, synchronize to all images, crop the last image differently, make a transition in LRTimelapse – the crop will be animated. You can move, zoom, rotate…Check out the video tutorials, they explain it very well.

      Best regards

  3. Mark 5. Januar 2011, 11:11   »

    Hi there. Thought I’d let you know the English version of your Timelapse page is not accessible. Each time I go to it redirects to and I cant read tit :-(

    • gwegner 5. Januar 2011, 10:19   »

      Thank you Mark, for your information. I fixed it!

  4. Beautiful Places To Visit 7. August 2010, 17:37   »


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